A random meeting with Les Manning


I have a confession to make- while arriving at Medalta and preparing for the journey, I had heard mention that I would be, most likely, running into a renowned artist- I did not know,at first, who Les Manning was and what his work involved. I do recognize his landscape series as art I have seen before, but I never put the person to the art. So I am trying to correct this mistake, I have not been knowledgeable enough in regards to ceramic artists and “masters”. So as I continue this blog, I will look for artists that deserve to be recognized and those that fascinate me in the field.

I have met Mr. Manning on many occasions so far, always with  a quiet conversation on ceramics, life and fads in the everyday. I see a quiet soul whose works speaks volumes-  sculptural work related to the environment. I will seek out more conversations with Mr. Manning, and hopefully get a critique from him before long. I believe it is now my duty to seek out conversations and information from such ceramic artists, to better my own voice, while speaking of the arts, and gain knowledge through understanding of the statements and techniques derived from their work. Can’t wait to sit down and chat openly about ceramics with him, and others.

Below are a few sites, and one video, to catch up on who Les Manning is, and what he creates . Enjoy!





A little ceramic news in the paper










Here is an interesting post in the New York Times, from their website- link is below

“That’s the beauty of the anagama,” he (Akira Satake) added, referring to the kiln, which tunnels, snakelike, into a grassy hill. “It’s the unpredictability.”


Miss you already


Sorry about that— let’s see packing, more packing, cleaning, loading a truck and moving (thanks to mom & dad, for kicking it in gear). That is what you missed, not much I know but really, for me, it was quite a lot for a week. I know this does not explain my absence for a month, but I’m just getting the handle on this blog thing. So I have said goodbye to NSCAD, Halifax and most of the people I left behind. Could not have imagined how much I was going to miss the community over there at NSCAD, more centered around the ceramics department. There were plenty of up’s and down’s, as with any University, but what I took out was what I was looking- a better language in ceramics. I always wanted to be better technically in my work, but never was I pushed as I was at NSCAD to develop a concept. I want to shout out to Chelsea Legge (check this artist out folks http://www.facebook.com/slightlyirregular, a Nova Scotia original and when I can I will show you all the mug I exchanged for), Rachel de Conde ( https://www.facebook.com/Racheldecondeceramics another wonderful artist and teacher at NSCAD) and of course Catherine O’Reilly (stone mason, blacksmith and all around great teacher/mentor)- you girls rock. But of course I will mention all the great teachers and artists within the ceramics dept. –  Rory MacDonald, Neil Forrest, Doug Bamford, and Joan Bruneau—–  Ann-Alise Keeping, Trevor Shearing, Torrance Beamish,  Julie, Taylor, Malory, Laura,  Erin R, Erin W, Erin H, Eryn C (see a pattern happening, phew), Ben, B-Sharp, B (http://bpracticalpottery.wordpress.com) , Kelsey, JI!,  Sarah Cheetham (keep fiddling), Phillipe as well as anyone else I have forgotten to mention but there are so many of you! That is it for now, you special few reading this. Watch out for more this week on the trek across Canada, to get to Medicine Hat and to MEDALTA. Later!


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