Carol Epp- the muse of mud?


If you have not checked it out before, or know of Carol Epp, here is the rundown- Critic,  Ceramic Artist, Artist analysis and promoter, she provides resources that every ceramic artist might need or want, job postings and opportunities for shows and residencies, etc, … What you need to know is that if you are looking for something ceramic related, start with her blog!

I recently met Carol Epp at Medalta. We have talked a bit about the show that she has curated- the Medalta International Cup Show- and generally have talked about artists that she has an admiration for. Carol will most likely be back a Medalta, so I hope I will plenty of time to talk shop and hopefully get a more detailed critique from her on my work.

A little bit about Carol Epp:

“I’m a Canadian ceramic artist and writer. I got my Masters Degree in Ceramics from the Australian National University. The work I produce branches off into two distinct bodies of work wherein I produces lines of sculptural and functional objects. My sculptural based work incorporates the production of collectible figurines whose traditional genre is subverted by revealing a more truthful representation of behavior and morality in contemporary society. An analysis of consumer culture is unveiled and dialogue is presented regarding the personal relationship one has with global events and politics. The functional domestic wares investigate contemporary industrial design aesthetics and their sustainability through handmade qualities, including what has traditionally been deemed glaze-faults, in combination with the clean and calculated look of mass-produced wares. My work has been exhibited in Canada, Scotland, Australia and the United States. My artwork and writing has also been published in the past few years in magazine publications, websites and books.”