The Medalta International Cup Show


Friday September 6th

The opening of the Medalta International Cup show. WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! The event is the  first ever annual cup show to be shown at Medalta. Taking place in the Yuill Gallery, the space provide a great deal of varied concepts related to form, function and an extreme contrast of decorative ideals. I was impressed with the great deal of variety and  some cups caught my attention, mostly due to technical prowess and decorative skill.  Cups from Jim Gottuso ( ( whom I actually purchased a cup from), Josh Stover  (  , Chris Pickett  ( and Max Lehman ( struck me as the best. I also want to do a quick shout out to Nova Scotia and NSCAD  alumni- Joan Bruneau (  , Jim Smith (, Shauna MacLeod ( and Joanna Pike (




Like most times, some cups were more conceptual and, in my opinion, technically deficient. I cannot understand how some pieces can be so beautiful, an example of excellence in decoration, and yet be  so poorly created or thrown that they end up weighing a considerable amount, too much so for a cup. I will not name names, that would be improper and rude, but how can you make a cup, a utilitarian item that makes it seem that the artist wished for others to use it, while making it a chore to lift it. The loss of the this awareness creates decorative pieces only, when they should be cups.

All in all, I can only say good things about the cup show happening at Medalta. It is a great thing also to analyze and critique cups that are brought forward, it  generates in me an ideal to strive for, a creative yet utilitarian awareness.

By creating an awareness for the arts is always a benefit, and helps up and comer’s such as myself to get involved more heavily in shows. Check out the link below and enjoy the cups!