The Process of my work, first part


I make molds. They are for me, the most creative process to work in. But the beginning process of making the mold is a much more complicated endeavor.

First – designing the template. I generally work with paper, folded in half or in fours, and start drawing a pattern related to the piece in mind, from cups and bowls to more complicated shapes such as teapots. As you see in the images on the left, the folded paper template allows to keep all the movements of the pieces, but also allows for changes to be made- to add more elements such as more curves and  angles.


Second- The paper template transferred.

I then proceed to trace the paper template onto a more durable material. At the moment I am using 1/8th Hardboard. This material allows me to have a solid base, because the next step will involve adding clay to the template- so the hardboard makes it easier to manipulate the clay, which turns the 2-D template into a 3-D model.

Right now I am in the process of cutting my templates, using a jigsaw. After cutting the template, will sand down the templates using a combination of Dremel tool and grinder. More information (related to procedure) and photos to follow…

IMG_00000209 IMG_00000208