The Work of Aaron Nelson- the Chandelier, part one


To work for anyone within the ceramics art field,will always be a learning experience. I welcome any and all opportunities to help out or to be apart of the ceramic process of another artist. In this case, I have had the privilege of working for Aaron Nelson, the head (director) of Medalta’s Artist in Residence site. The work right now consists of helping with the construction of a Chandelier composed of a metal frame and ceramic pieces attached to it. The ceramic art involved consist of  handles (joined together to look like hearts) and the press molded knives. I have included all photos that I could take while monitoring and joining in the production of the piece.

My main focus has  been related to assembling all the little pieces here and there. At first,  I was dealing with the metal eye hooks, expanding the hooks ( over 300  “corrected” now) to allow ceramic handles ( crafted together) and metal wires  to hang from them. You can see the early assembly in the photos related to the round metal frame, and the image of Aaron lighting the  first piece.

I have also had a crash course in press molded work. While it is a relatively easy process, when you start working with a press mold it is also easy to make mistakes. So it felt great when I perfected the process of making the press molded knives, as seen in the third image at the bottom. The last images show the knives after Aaron has glazed them with a basic clear.

The most recent work  for  the project involved loading a kiln with approximately 200 small plates. The plates were “seconds” from the Medalta pottery. I will post photos of the finished firing, because it is a sight to see.

More to come! Check back for more photos and perhaps photos of  the finalized project . Later!