The Process of my work, second part


Moving on from imagining the templates, I now start to build the model. I begin with cutting out the templates and finishing them. The following videos are part of the process

From the finishing of the templates comes the model development. I start with rolling out a slab of clay. The thickness of the slab depends on the piece I am making, in this case, the slab for the platter is about  2 inches in thickness.  I then put the slab on the template and shape the slab around the template, angling the model from the bottom to top at a near 45 degree angle or less than that. The first image is a basic start to the model. The progression of the model is then based on curving it from top to bottom this allows for the model to be cast as a one part mold. To go further in the description of a one part mold, curving it from top  to bottom allows for the model to be molded only once, and to be easily released from the plaster, with no catches or “undercuts” (an undulation in form that makes a multiple piece mold necessary).

So now that I have finished the model I am making the foot model (photos to be posted). This will allow the main form to sit on a developed foot. More information to follow!

Finished model in the images below