A little bit of Education

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the “1000 Miles Apart” ceramic conference, being held at the  Alberta College of Art and Design. I went there to attend the demo and lecture of Artist Sean O’Connell.  While the other artist there were just as extraordinary, Ryan McKerley and Steve Gorman, Sean brings up more conceptual ideas in my process, and his work relates to mine in terms of attitude and historical identity. Plus his aesthetic is related to a high understanding of technical knowledge and practice . Enjoy the article and a bit of the lecture I was able to record.  Later!


and also here is a website to ACAD, the facilities are great (related to ceramics), and the atmosphere seemed very open and welcoming.  It is a great campus to be in, plus it seems they will have a Graduate program in ceramics soon, which is good news for all those searching a University to do a master’s degree in ceramics..