The Process of My work, part 3

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Well, let us just say that I have been very busy of late… that I would forget the blog is a matter of finding inspiration, personal motivation, and the evolution of my work. While the images bellow are a  small sample of what I have been up to, the images do not define the time needed for each piece. I have thought about the mirror image of late, how to display symmetry and asymmetry.

My throwing on the wheel has been related to cutting apart the form but also making it in a way to stress the symmetry/asymmetry of the form. It is about starting off with a base that is thrown wide, imagine a disk shape with a slight bowl dip in the form. There are no sides and not foot on this piece . The main body form would be trimmed on the bottom to a smooth cone shape. The foot added is a donut shaped coil added to the base and then thrown into a foot. The sides would be added later by throwing a ring  on the wheel and attaching this section, by scoring and slipping. The trick or fun of the process is that you can cut angles, curves into the base shape to create contemporary shapes, as seen in the  first image. I plan to try all forms of throwing (cups,  mugs, plates and other thrown items) in this process.

Another  aspect of my work that I am experimenting with is the decorative element. I have looked for a way to represent the mirror image or “Rorschach”, as a base image to work with. So I decided to try my luck with paper transfer. The process is to start off with putting underglaze or slip on to newsprint. The way you put the image is important, it must be foreground to background, so you must start with the front image first then go ahead with the background elements, letting each application dry between the layers. My idea is to quickly apply the slip or underglaze, whether by slip trailer or brush, then quickly fold the paper in half , creating the mirror image.  I also look for the image to “blend”, so I might add more colors as soon as I unfold the paper with the first image, then fold the paper again to see what happens. The results have been so promising! Now I just need to experiment more with application (from the thickness of the application to the lines applied) and colors used. The other decorative aspects , one’s that I need to experiment with more, are sprigs and stamps, sgraffito and decals.

I cannot forget my molds- which have finally started to work out for me. The problem was the slipcast consistency, I was looking for the perfect pouring slipcast  and only of late have I found it. I look for the best consistency that it flows right out of the mold with no lumps or problems related to it. Below are just some old examples of developed molds- I have made so many more, which means I need to take a lot more photos of the new pieces, results and decorative elements on them.

Look for more soon!

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