The Red Clay Rambler- the last cowboy of ceramics


It is great to know that ceramics is getting into the technology of today. For me, the spreading of knowledge or education and information about ceramics is key. So when I started to listen “Tales of a Red Clay Rambler”, I was inspired to produce more, to create work that I would be proud of. It is great to hear about ceramic artists. It is always suspicious when people drop names of specific ceramic artists on you and expect you to know who they are. Research is great and looking up artists on the internet is fine, but it does not give you that personal experience you are looking for. To hear and feel emotions in the voice of an artist is so important, to know the feeling they exude and the attitudes they have on life, their work and ceramic inspirations.

It is important to say that I feel more connected to the ceramic community through this blog and podcast. It is a great to start feeling “involved” .

Here are some important selections from the podcast:

I still have plenty to listen to though, so more favorites might pop up

Here is a little bit about Ben Carter as well