The problem with feet- the support of the piece


The foot of the ceramic piece, the basis of support for all pieces. Whether you have  one on your ceramic piece or not, you have to think hard about what the bottom or how the foot will resemble and how it will support your piece. That is the trouble I am having right now. I thought too easily about the foot, thinking that a smaller foot would support a larger form. This is the furthest from the truth because I did not take into account  the slumping factors of slip cast wares.

It is a lack of concentration and determining all factors of your work, and how technical you think about the process, that resulted in  problems with the larger pieces within my work. But the awareness is there now, I consider this a friendly reminder of what I should be paying attention to when designing work.

So the solutions I have come up with are:   redo a molded foot for the pieces that are having support issues; carve into the mold to create supports for the piece, or create  a coil type slip cast mold that could be applied to the corners of the pieces to support the full weight of the body. I believe the last option is a practical solution. I will use a 3 post to 4 post system to support my pieces.  This will allow me to figure out supporting points within the form and future reference on how to go ahead with the foot, using the molded foot method.