My city- Montreal reflection

Sometimes you just need to get back to your roots. Getting back to Montreal was the best thing I could have done. This city, this zoo I call home, is  my passion. I breathed my city’s air, felt its rhythm again. It is something to get back to where you feel inspiration.  And who can forget, meeting my nephew for the first time. The little man Caleb is a prize.

IMG_20140220_135507 IMG_20140220_135345 IMG_20140220_134923 IMG_20140220_134742








(Greek ancient pottery, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts)


IMG_20140220_131146 - Copy IMG_20140220_131009 - Copy IMG_20140220_134331 IMG_20140220_134348 IMG_20140220_125402 - Copy (2)













(historic vessels from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts)



IMG_20140220_131537 - Copy IMG_20140220_130934 - Copy IMG_20140220_125858 - Copy IMG_20140220_125812 - Copy IMG_20140220_125648 - Copy










I have a feeling I will find the decorative aspects of my work here in MTL. I mean to say my pieces need some of home in them: color; flow; language; graffiti; anything might spark what will be apart of my pieces.