Time to work and finding inspiration within my work.

It has been a very long while since I last posted on my website. It has been difficult to find a rhythm in my work. When you get lost in making, that is to say making work without a purpose or any real attachment to it, you struggle.

So that is why I was staying away from the blog… making takes time and finding what it is you really want to make takes most of that time. This blog becomes an afterthought.

The good news is that I am on a roll finally deciding which process best suited me. I had to look back to focus on my work. If mold-making was giving me such a hard time, related to body, control of the form, glaze fit and such, I said to myself that I have to go back and get involved in the handling of clay. To create pieces that ARE resolved is always my goal. So I went back and looked at hand-building, throwing on the wheel and molds. The result or idea  derived from some experiments was to use aspects of each method of making.

So I am using wheel thrown walls or sides, using slabs in conjunction with hump molds and thus hand-building everything together. The following image is of one such creation. Of course it is just an early type and the forms will get more complicated as I work more in this method. More to come – keep looking!

IMG_00000683 - Copy - Copy - Copy IMG_00000684 - Copy - Copy - Copy