Follow the colour and adding the pattern


(all credit to this photo, and the tape resist image, goes to Erik Jones, the artist. Do not copy and reproduce please, I am only using this as an example)

As part of the progress I am looking to put into my work,  I find I am drawn to  colour. So I find myself trying to figure out how to get colour  on each piece.  As I already have one decorative element  added to each piece, using the Rorschach transfer print, adding  colour within a new element is my goal. So I have resolved to use geometric forms- and tape resist. Now the process of tape resist involves actually putting tape on to a dry green piece of ceramics and using a slip over the tape. Removing the tape reveals the pattern you have made.

IMG_20140304_130238 9ad0ed9c8f5e11e39b09128581843da2_8

Another aspect I am looking forward to trying out is investigating line and urban art. I refer to street art mainly, but that is an overall broad term. Art from the urban can be described as  colourful, chaotic to almost animated. I am interested in the line quality involved. It is on par, for me , with calligraphy. It is also in a sense controlled chaos, the street art canvas may still be a wall, but the artist must stay within it. So what can i gain from using this style? Knowledge and it relates to my sense of spontaneity , sometimes you need to just add something different but in this case I would focus mainly on the abstract. Colour and form are more important to me than thematic imagery.

Also, as of late I have noticed that I have not added enough updates or imagery of my new work, stay tuned next week for only that. Imagery of new work on the way. Later!

IMG_20140225_135505 IMG_20140225_135458 IMG_20140225_135453