The new work!

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Here are some examples of the new work. I consider this work to be a start off point for something further down the line. Enjoy !

Also a little bit of help with these pieces. They are all earthenware, decorated with transfer prints and engobes, while using a semi-opaque glaze on top.

Artist Statement

I look to make work that creates an effect on the person person and not, at first, the community at large. For me, attracting the person is about finding a passion and creating a bond between maker and user. Original work, purposeful ceramics and creating conversations are the main points that I look to answer within my ceramic medium.

I describe the process I have investigated as “cut and paste”. Utilizing technical aspects of ceramics, related to throwing on the wheel, hand building and mold work. My aim is to create forms that are different but that also relate to my own self. This comes from explorations of design and personal preference, but also from outside sources such as graffiti, geometry, sociology and mass media (Tumblr).



Coming Up in the blog =MASSIVE UPDATE!!!!

be on the look out for news!

Upcoming subjects: May and June Residents; The New Residency in Nova Scotia; information on some of my favorite ceramic artists ; including Molly Hatch and The East Fork Pottery crew;  finding passion while in conflict and much more. See you soon