Saying goodbye to Medalta and starting a new residency in the east

These images are from some of the travels I had time to do around Alberta, and the Hat (Medicine Hat)













So by now I have traveled 3- 4 days away from the splendor that is Medalta. I traveled out East again, this time stopping along the way, visiting good friends along the way, and one of the next residents to reside at Medalta. I missed out on visiting artists and ceramic guru’s (best name I could come up with), but I will let them know that I plan at one time to be back that way and look forward to sit down with them. It is also an opportunity to visit artists and get their sense of the community around them. These people are my colleagues and now with the ability, finally, to drive to certain destinations, I will make sure that I can make an effort to get involved in the discussions present and presentations of craft and art.

Now, I am in small town New Glasgow, around the north eastern part of Nova Scotia. What dragged me back to Nova Scotia was a residency opportunity through NSCAD university. I had applied in the knowledge that I could continue a practice in a studio space, and since it was through NSCAD, I was happy to be apart of the community of artists in and around Nova Scotia and NSCAD ceramics. The studio is nearly set-up, which is behind the library and fire hall, in a separate space. I consider this residency to be the test, if I can make it in Ceramics. It’s how far I am willing to push and what I will ask for. Timing and time considerations are on my mind.






 Image of the new studio


My goal now is to make a body of work, based on what I have learned and discovered during the time at Medalta. So it will be based on: cut and paste ceramics; decoration based on geometric and calligraphy patterns (my graffiti)  and using engobes to add color punches; the form and shape of pieces have to be more “normal” in a certain fashion, a sacrifice to sell ( we can discuss the dilemma/debate of making work for yourself or others).

So that is all that is new for now. I look forward to trying new things on this blog/website, so I hope to pop up new things on here soon. Keep an eye out.

Until next time!