Things going on out there

A new week full of new updates- Have a peek!


Good news if the Khyber can be kept up and modified to be a stable space for artists-


HEY!! I am on Musing about Mud check out the page here-


Remember to vote for RBC Emerging Artist- get the public involved if you can


Artist for the week- I had wanted to put two artists up on the board but I had to stop and say this artist was the one.

Daniel Ricardo Teran work is what I describe as ceramics with a minds thought drawn on them. The illustrations are  ghostly images, doodles almost. Check out his work.


Website of the Week goes to a Tumblr site

Once in a while I focus on print, and 2d imagery. This Tumblr site caught my attention because it also promotes artist works and gives links to sell work to the public. Well done.


A little extra this Week- an interesting article and photos of Heath  Ceramics in San Francisco –