Slow movement and snails

Well, I am back. Phew, it has been a while. But it is well worth the wait. Especially when the work has been finally “worked” out. I can honestly say that I finally feel like this is going somewhere, this whole art thing that has taken most of my life and kidnapped me from some other reality.

Ok, IMG_20141027_155329 the news is that patterns and transfer printing have become a great partner. I have also had thoughts and general creative dreams about sketching out pieces. It’s strange when you think of an idea all of sudden and you are scrambling to get to a piece of paper. So here are some images of the new work to look over and check out.


560202_10152611994119398_289466456266948868_n 10689823_10152611998214398_1549147758982657736_n










I also notice what I need more of late GET THAT STUDIO UP AND RUNNING, or get to a place that has one available. So I am always thinking about the next phase, but at more of a concentrated pace.  Being willing to acknowledge that I have something to learn from delving into my work, makes a focus that gets rid of ego. I have still so much to learn from people willing to explain the process throughout. I believe taking the initiative to get out there and be a part of what is going on out in ceramic land, to be a worthwhile adventure. I will have to invest more time in this adventure.

I have also recently passed on some of what I know, most of what I know, to another ceramic artist looking to delve into functional. Now, this person is an exceptional artist, showing me photos of the figurative, ceramic pieces that she has made. It was strange that I was passing on something to her, but it was going over my process and I guess she was looking to “have at” the process I am using.

It was an interesting experience.

Other news to pass along is that the Pop-Up shop is up and running for the end of November. Still a lot of planning to get ironed out, but for now it is all go. The site link is right here, please have a look at the artists that will be involved:

Halifax Crafters is also on the way, so I need to get into gear and make the most I can. So that is what I am doing. I will be back soon with more content, until then!