Things going on out there

I wanted to catch up on some the exhibitions going on at this time, one’s that interest me and I hope to pass along to you.

Adam Field and Peter Pincus are artisits I am familiar, and their work is fantastic. I tend to lean towards Pincus, on the fan side of things, because his forms impress me and also the use of striking colors. I will have to look up Samuel Johnson…

but for now more on Peter Pincus-

Clare Twomey is having an exhibition/performance piece that will go on for about 3 months or so. The repetition seems challenging to the maker of the pieces, rather than the audience. Have a look at the website, look up Clare Twomey and enjoy the mix of slipcast work, history and repetition.


I also have to mention this great exhibition that has recently finished. Cup: the Intimate Object X had a great display of cups/mugs on display (shout out to fellow Medalta resident artist Jessica Hodgson), varying on the playful to serious styles and focus. Have a look, and pieces are for sale- you should have a look on this point alone.


Artist of the Week- Forrest Lesch-Middleton

I have been in awe of pattern of late, and that is the reason for the love of Middleton’s work. While I am simply adding pattern to my work, Middleton screen-prints a chosen, attaches it on an already thrown cylinder ( made to measure and fit) ,which is then carefully  thrown again to distort the pattern, but also stretch with the shape made. Have a look at the process-