Back on the road



Time to get back on updating the website. Of course too much time has passed from the last time I logged on to my website.  A year-long residency done. A move, once again, to another part of Canada- I find myself now in Ottawa and Gatineau  region. I live in Gatineau but work in Ottawa.

A little more on why I moved. Nova Scotia was getting a bit too crowded for my liking. What I mean to say is that ceramics is bursting at the seams there. With a school like NSCAD churning out ceramic students at a premium, I felt I needed to set out somewhere else to find an ideal spot to grow. Also I have found that the ceramics I am seeing in Nova Scotia are all starting to look the same, that ceramic artists are starting to market their work around what is seen within the school environment or what is popular in ceramics now. Getting advice on what your work should look like, from amateur and ceramic artists can be tiresome. For certain there will always be the true ceramic artists in Nova Scotia, and they know who they are.

Another reason the move happened was employment. I was able to secure a place within a ceramic supply company, Capital Pottery Supply, due in part to a friend from NSCAD. Daniele Stewart was able to help me out with a great opportunity, to work in a way related to my field of craft/art.   Daniele is also an accomplished ceramic artist, working on the edge of minimal and functional, please visit her website Daniele Stewart

It was also a blast of a residency year, that NSCAD provided. I was lucky enough to be placed with another ceramic artist Karolina Anna-Hajna, an artist already stimulating the market of design and ceramics in and around Nova Scotia.

I went through and worked out many questions in my work, what it should be, how it should look and the professional quality I expect. I know now , while I seem to always be on the edge of professionalism,  that I am on the right track to find my work. More complicated and more fleshed out work, sitting somewhere on functional moving towards more artistic. No more knitting bowls in the future I hope.

So back to  the website, where I will bring you more images and information on the work I am producing. Ideas and works from other artists, and as always I hope to pass along some pretty important ideas out there. Give me time though, while not in a residency, life right now is taking up time. Plus the debt from the last residency has slowed down the ability to get to, or rather pay for, a studio area. Time to catch up and make a living. Though when I do have the funds to get to a studio, I will be choosing Loam Clay Studio. A very intimate studio area, and located in the Hintonburg area of Ottawa. Hopefully it will be very common to see photos of work and progress posted on this site or on my Instagram page.

Catch up with you real soon