Round and Round… and square.

It feels like I have gone round and round. I look over the posts that I have done of late and it all seems that the same words keep popping up.  About trying to continue the blog and keeping you, yes you, up to date.  So let’s work on that .

New forms! Gaining from what I learned from the residency of 2014-2015, in New Glasgow, I am moving forward in using supports or molds, for making whole forms. I am sectioning off areas of the form. Foot, sides, handles and other attributes have all separate templates and  sections to add up to one piece. I tend to look at a lot of artists using Styrofoam and craft foam nowadays, as well as mold makers. Names that come to mind are Chris Pickett, Chandra Debuse and Margaret Bohls.

Have a look of the latest templates I have done and I will explain the process after IMG_20151214_132543 IMG_20151214_132615






The process involves looking for a hollow foot mostly, but also building of a solid base. In the image on the left, the main base is on the right and the foot template on the left. I made the foot in this way to create a specific look to the foot, but also in the use of slabs the foot made from this template can be extended using a small thin slab, giving the foot a raised finish. I have prepared two templates for the first test, one large base and foot (larger mug) while the other is more of a medium size (regular size mug). Also, notice the handle  template in the photo just above, it is the same process, use slabs over the templates, and then join up those two halves using an extension slab.

I was inspired most from Chris Pickett’s process

But it is all about how you use inspiration, I would hate to simply copy. So I will start with this mug first, then make alterations such as playing with the foot size, handle size and of course decoration will play a big part. The surface displayed on the surface of the sides has to capture your attention most. I am looking towards my fascination towards the most public art available in cities everywhere, while it is still a controversial subject. The renegades.

Next time- templates for decoration and revisiting a resister.